yukinobosha japanesesake yukinobosha

The rice brought into our rice storehouse at its height of six meters above the ground is mixed with water from an underground spring a bout half way down the slope, eventually becoming sake.

The kura was nicknamed "nobori-kura," taken after "nobori-gama," which are pottery kilns built in a rising form like this, by Tokyo Agricultural University professor Takeo Koizumi, who also goes by the pen name Joji Morohaku, a pun-laden reference to fermenting rice. This kind of sake kura is very rare, something you will not find elsewhere. By all means please come and see it for yourself.
1. Rice milling room
2. The rice is sent through a pipe,
    where it is washed at the same time.
3. Fermentation rooms
4. Storage and blending rooms
5. Office
6. Bottling and shipping
7. Storage tanks
8. Pressing machine
9. Fermentation tanks
10. Koji muro (koji making room)
11. Rice-steaming vat
12. Underground source of water
13. Rice is delivered here
14. Mt. Shinzan
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